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Follow Your Dream! Climb The Mountain!

Last year, my daughter came to me with a dream she had been holding in her heart for a long time - to take some time off from her job and go backpacking around the world for several months. Loving to travel myself, I was really excited for her.

As the weeks went by, I watched as she began to plan her trip with Intention-Focus-and Action. She looked at all aspects of her trip and how it would affect her physically, emotionally, and mentally.

What did she need to do to be physically ready to walk many miles each day?

How to plan financially for her trip?

What fears and emotions were coming up for her?

What steps did she need to implement to make her dream come true?

As she began to turn this cherished dream into reality, I watched as all of her energy bodies began to shift and vibrate with her goals. She was grounded, focused, and courageous. NEVER GIVING UP ON HER DREAM!

So.... just a couple of weeks ago, there we were standing at the airport saying our goodbyes (her dad tearing up) and me feeling the angels and guides surrounding us as I asked them to keep her safe and protected on her journey. And as I kissed and hugged her goodbye, I whispered in her ear, dreams do come true. Yours Can Too! Love you❤️❤️

Pictured below: My daughter just after climbing a mountain in New Zealand fulfilling her dream!!


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