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Fear, whether small or large, can stop us in our tracks. As a Master Energy Intuitive who can read the energies of the body, the animals, nature, and really everything - that world comes easily to me.

But...when it comes to technology it is a different story. Over the last few months I have been honing those skills. So, over the weekend, I purchased my first Mac computer for my future business adventures.

Small fear - but I was a little concerned with how to proceed.

I asked for help and my fears were quickly abated as I felt a gentle touch on my hand and whisperings in my ear. Guidance had arrived softly guiding my hand to the places it needed to go.

So Grateful!! As my confidence continues to grow, it's feeling easy, fun, and I am excited. YES!!! I let that fear go and it feels Great!!

P.S. But don't call me for tech support yet!

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