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Praise for Cindy

I have known and been friends with Cindy for probably over 10 years now, I've had one-on-one sessions with her, and attended many Meditation Healing Groups over the years. I really don't know how to put into words the insight and knowledge I've gained from this time spent with Cindy... from understanding myself, to understanding my personal relationships with others, to understanding humankind itself. I've actually had the experience of dealing with an extremely difficult family member, whereas after praying with Cindy for healing between us, the entire attitude and situation with all involved just turned around and immediately dissolved itself into peace and harmony right before my eyes (I've never been so amazed) .


I am so grateful to have found Cindy, actually, she found me since I didn't know I needed her... Having a session with Cindy, in group or one-on-one, is far better to me than any church service I have ever attended. Thank you so much for coming into my life Cindy, as you would say, Love, Light and Peace to you.


– In all sincerity, Robin

Cindy is amazing. There are times when I just think of her and she knows I want to chat (yes I was thinking of you in the past few days!)


She can feel the spirits that are near you. Her deep ability to sense has been a great help guiding me through a rough time.  I am blessed to know her and consider her a friend too.



Calm, kind insightful guidance is difficult to obtain. Cindy has the ability to not only guide, but remarkably, the ability to help stress and anxieties to be relieved.


Her sessions have allowed me to better focus, let go of burdens and concentrate with a clear mind on whatever issue I had to confront. 


She does not tell you what to do, rather frees you to realize what needs to be done.


Her loving guidance is restorative and enlightening.



Cindy has an amazing ability to accurately read into your energy to give intuitive guidance that will help you on your journey. Cindy is a genuine, deeply caring soul. 



Cindy and I have known each other for almost a decade now. Initially we met through a friend. While not seeking the path of meditation, I believe it was seeking me. This began my journey experiencing wonderful guided meditations in a group hosted by Cindy. We all grew exponentially during our time together. It was beautiful! The energy was astonishing and I will always be grateful for my personal growth and the friends met during our group sessions. When life takes its toll, Cindy was there with her spirit guides encouraging me all the way. What an exceptionally stellar journey it has been… 

I truly believe in Cindy’s gift. I have found what works on my spiritual journey through our personal sessions and group meditation. I have no doubt you will too. Thank you Cindy.  


– Blessings, Nancy

I have had the extreme pleasure of knowing Cindy for almost 10 years. And, in all those years, she has seen me through some of my highest highs and lowest lows. She is always a calm voice of reason and is there to allow me to see things as I wouldn't have considered before. Her insight and intuition has been helpful so many times. I treasure her knowledge and opinion. Thank you Cindy!!



"Healing the Heart Heals the Soul!"

– Cindy Pillsbury

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