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Meet Cindy

"Allow your soul the freedom

to laugh, sing, dance and love."

                            – Cindy

How It Began:


I was always a sensitive child seeming to know what others were thinking and feeling. I was so curious about the universe and who we really are. I would spend many nights looking up at the stars at night saying my “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” wish. Being in a family of eight had it’s many trials and tribulations. Prayer became my best friend and sustained me during those times.


Later in my adult life I taught school for several years, but had to stop due to a health challenge. This led me to the world of energy healing, spirituality and even more prayer. I read about, and attended workshops on, many different modalities including Reiki, flower essences, essential oils and herbs. During this time my own intuitive abilities started to open up. I began to see, feel and hear spirit. I built a strong connection to nature and the animal world. For many years, I have done one-on-one sessions, lead meditation groups and taught people about our energy bodies. 

I invite you on a magical adventure of the energy world to learn to release your old ways of being by taking back your power, coming into alignment, and being who you truly are meant to be. 

Come along on this journey with me to open up to your authentic spirit and divine self.


Prayers and Blessings,


"Healing the Heart Heals the Soul!"

– Cindy Pillsbury

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