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"Prayer is simply done from my heart 

with love and compassion
trust and gratefulness
that expands my soul and unites it with God."

                                                           – Cindy

Open Your Heart

I pray you open your heart dear love

know that it is safe, to let those walls
down and to love again.

Feel God's loving grace pour
through your heart right now

cleansing and dissolving all the sadness, grief and pain

releasing and letting go of all the hurts
and suffering, as this beautiful energy
of love flows into your heart.

Open up to receive this new love


as it permeates your heart and heals
you from within.

Now take this beautiful love,
from inside of you, out into the world
and touch the hearts of others.


Open up your heart dear love
and let yourself love again.


― Cindy Pillsbury

My Prayer For You


Even though our soul may meet

for only a short time


though I wrap you up in my

loving arms and touch you

heart to heart


and look into the eyes of your 

beautiful soul.


I pray that you release the

parts of you that are weary


that you may be healed

and your spirit made whole

and new.


And that God’s dove of peace flies 

down from above and you are 

blessed with a peace

you’ve never known.


This is my Prayer for you.


― Cindy Pillsbury

"Healing the Heart Heals the Soul!"

– Cindy Pillsbury

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